Szigethy Eszter

Eszter Szigethy (born Miskolc, Hungary, 1989) is a graphic designer who graduated from Eszterházy Károly College in 2012. She studied in Turkey on an Erasmus scholarship for half a year in 2011. She participated in several national and international competitions with success. In 2010-11, she got the Scholarship of the Republic thanks to her excellent studies. In 2011 in the Australian „Positive Posters” International Graphic Competition, her work was selected to the TOP 30 and exhibited in Melbourne, Australia.

Her illustration series was shown in the II International Graphic Art Biennial in Transylvania, Romania in 2012. That same year in „The Future We Want: Drop by Drop" Competition (organized by United Nations) she won the first prize in the category under 25. As a result she is able to spend a two-week long internship in Treviso, Italy (with a possibility of a one-year extension) in Fabrica, the Benetton's communication research center led by world famous designer Omar Vulpinary. In March of 2013, Eszter was selected to the La Femme’s "50 Young Hungarian Talents" program. In April, her work was exhibited at Budapest Art Expo Fresh International Biennial of Young Artists. In the Mexican „World + Design” International Competition, her work was selected as a finalist, and exhibited in the MUMEDI, Mexico City in this April.

Eszter is presently working on her project in Mexico City, with which she was selected to the TOP 100 in the Benetton’s Unemployee of the Year Contest 2012 International Project Competition. Her project is about migrants who travel from Central American countries to the United States through Mexico with a hope for a better life. Through her activity she hopes to support migrants and inform the audience about their economical-political-social situation.

Eszter is mostly willing to point the public's attention for some current social, economical, political problems with her works and at the same time she also seeks after self-expression. She finds it important to open up and adopt an international approach to social issues as well as art.

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Eszter Szigethy: Other I., 2012, digital print, 70x100 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Other II., 2012, digital print, 70x100 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Other III., 2012, digital print, 70x100 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Culture II., 2012, acrylic, canvas, 90x120 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Culture III., 2012, acrylic, canvas, 100x100 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Suffering, 2013, digital print, 100x130 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Society I. – Humanism mechanisms, 2010, mixed media (drypoint, pencil, pen), 60x80 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Eat your head off…, 2012, digital print, 100x100 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Just the costumes are different, 2011, digital print, 70x100 cm

Eszter Szigethy: Love until you are mad, 2012, mixed media (carbon, acrylic, paper, digital print), 100x100 cm

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