The Leopold Bloom Art Award

supported by the Maurice Ward Group

The Leopold Bloom Art Award is aimed at supporting progressive contemporary visual artists in Hungary and their presence in the international art scene. In autumn 2011, the award will be granted for the first time as a result of the co-operation between the Ludwig Museum, ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange and the Irish Maurice Ward Group.

Visual artists based in Hungary can apply for the 10,000 euro award with the proposal of an international exhibition of their paintings or individual illustrations taking place in a renowned European art institution (museum, commercial or non-profit gallery) or prestigious international event (biennial, festival) of their choice. The award does not only go to support the work of the winning artist, but also helps in the successful realization of the proposed concept of the exhibition. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the more intensive involvement of contemporary Hungarian artists in the international art scene.
The finalists, as selected by a jury of international professionals, will have the opportunity to exhibit their paintings and/or illustrations in a group show at the Museum Kiscell. The jury will announce the winner of the award in a ceremony on September 3, 2011 at the finissage of the exhibition.
The Award

The name of the award is taken from one of the most influential figures in modern literature – the main character of James Joyce’s Ulysses, who is of Hungarian descent. In line with the primary values of the award and its Irish founder, Leopold Bloom is the symbol of paradigm-shifting art, travel, cosmopolitanism and not least of all the Irish-Hungarian connections.
The Leopold Bloom Art Award’s primary aim is to support the collaboration of Hungarian artists and prestigious international exhibition spaces, the introduction of artists to the international scene and their career development. As such, with the Award endowed with 10.000 Euro we would like to recognize the work of a contemporary Hungarian visual artist, supporting his/her foray into the international scene through an independent or group exhibition.
At the discretion of the applicant, the award will be divided between the artist’s honorarium and the cost of realizing the proposed exhibition, provided that the artist’s honorarium be a minimum of 4000 and a maximum of 9000 euros.
The Application

The submission package must include:
1. A Curriculum vitae, in English
2. A Digital Portfolio, in English
3. A maximum 2-page concept of the international exhibition presenting the applicant’s paintings or illustrations, in English. The applicant is requested to introduce briefly the chosen European contemporary art institution, or international contemporary arts event, where they intend to exhibit. The exhibition concept could be in connection either to an individual exhibition or to the applicant’s participation in a group exhibition. In the case of the latter, the applicant should attach the concept for the whole group exhibition.
4. A letter of intention from the selected institution, in which the director or curator confirms that, should the applicant be successful in receiving the award, they will carry out the proposed exhibition by the end of 2013.
5. The budget for the exhibition, in the case of a group exhibition, the budget connected to the applicant’s participation. (The Maurice Ward Group will cover the cost of the international transport, so it is not necessary to include this amount in the budget.)
6. The specification of 3-6 paintings or illustrations(image, proper checklist with title, year, technique, size, etc.) that the applicant intends to show in the Museum Kiscell, if selected to participate in the finalists’ exhibition.
Application Submission

The submission deadline is: June 16, 2011 (Bloomsday*)
*see more on Bloomsday: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloomsday
We will only accept submissions in a digital format.
Server information:
user name: leopoldbloom
password: 2vqqQCmQ
Please create your own folder when uploading.
We cannot accept any submissions that arrive after the deadline.
The Decision

The jury’s decision will primarily be based on the following criteria:
- the submitted portfolio
- the proposed exhibition and the professional reputation of the hosting international institution
- the paintings and/or illustrations intended to be shown at the finalists’ exhibition
We will notify those invited to participate in the finalists’ exhibition by the end of July, and the winner will be announced in a ceremony on September 3, 2011.
Conditions of Participation

- Artists based in Hungary can apply, there is no age limit nor application fee to compete for the Award.
- By participating in the competition, applicants acknowledge and accept the conditions of participation.
- Applicants agree to collaborate with the organizers (ACAX, Maurice Ward Group) and to provide all necessary information.
- Applicants will respect the final decision of the jury.
Should the applicant be selected by the jury to participate in the finalists’ exhibition, the artist also agrees that:
- Without any additional financial remuneration, he/she will provide at least 3 of his/her works, detailed in the submission package and chosen by the jury, for the duration of the exhibition (expected to be August 18 – September 4, 2011). The organizers will be responsible for the insurance of the works for the duration of the exhibition.
- The organizers will be able to use the exhibited works freely and unconditionally for promotional and communications purposes in connection with the Leopold Bloom Art Award, so long as it does not negatively affect the artist’s reputation.
- The winner of the award agrees to implement the exhibition detailed in his/her application.
- The winner of the award agrees that within two months following the closing of his/her exhibition abroad he/she will compile a report of at least two pages and send it to the attention of ACAX.
- A separate agreement will be drawn up with regard to the payment of the Award.
- Applicants accept that the organizers might modify the conditions of participation with reasonable justification.
About the Founder and Supporter: Maurice Ward Group

The Maurice Ward Group is one of Europe’s market leaders in international transportation, offering intelligent logistical solutions to its partners. International co-operation and the development of sustainable values play a key role in the Maurice Ward Group’s activities and philosophy. In light of this, the founder decided that together with ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange they would establish the Leopold Bloom Art Award, which aims at supporting the international presence of Hungarian visual artists, thereby advancing their international careers.
Concept and Execution: ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange / Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art

The primary goal of ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange is to facilitate, support and strengthen the international presence of the contemporary Hungarian art scene. Through networking and a wide range of programs, ACAX initiates and maintains exchange and continuous professional collaboration between the representatives of the Hungarian and international art communities.
ACAX is an affiliate of the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

Bloomsday Art Festival in Szombathely and Leopold Bloom Award

Prior to The Leopold Bloom Art Award – realized in co-operation between the Ludwig Museum, ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange and the Irish Maurice Ward Group - an art festival and award has already existed with a similar name. Although the present award is not a sequel to the above mentioned, we appreciate the values of the Bloomsday Art Festival and the former Leopold Bloom Award.

Bloomsday Alternative Art Festival in Szombathely gave home to exhibitions, actions, performances, concerts of Hungarian and foreign artists for 15 years, starting in the first half of the 1990’s. The concept of „Bloomism” – result of the festivals organised by Ákos Székely – is a true example of artistic freedom and autonomy, being represented not only through artistic productions, but through the yearly issued „Bloom-files” and the regularly granted „Bloom Award”.

Museum Kiscell – Municipal Picture Gallery
Project Managers: Rita Kálmán, Tijana Stepanović
Assistant: Anna Juhász
Email: leopold.bloom@ludwigmuseum.hu