The semi-finalists of the Leopold Bloom Art Award has just been announced!

After a month and a half of work, the pre-jury - composed of three international art professionals - chose the 15 artists who will compete for the €10 000 award.

Thanks to the changes in the application process, initiated by the Award’s founders Mary McLoughlin and John Ward and by the organiser Pepper Art Projects, nearly 130 artists applied for the prestigious award.

The semi-finalists in 2015:

Ádám Albert, Ádám Kokesch, Andrea Gombos, Gábor Arion Kudász, Gábor Pintér, István Regős, Katarina Sevic, Lőrinc Borsos, Máté Dobokay, Nemere Kerezsi, Péter Puklus, Péter Szalai, Roland Farkas, SzabolcsSüli-Zakar, Szilárd Cseke